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Is your wooden deck looking worse for wear? Has the wood turned gray? Are pests a problem?

Tulsa Fence & Deck Company has the solution - hire us today to get a stain and seal treatment for your deck.

Any outdoor wooden structure must be properly maintained, and your deck is no exception. We offer a variety of options to restore your deck to looking like it did when you first had it installed.


Our bleaching process will remove the gray color from your wood deck and restore the beautiful wood-grain look you've been missing.

Please note: we recommend customers who hire us to bleach their deck follow that with a stain and seal to ensure your restored wood remains protected against pests and the harmful effects of the weather.


Our deck builders will apply stain and sealant to your deck to restore color and to protect your deck against pests, moisture, U.V. rays and general wear and tear.

We offer a variety of colors of stain for your deck that will restore the brightness and beauty of the wood. Customers are always allowed to pick the color and we strive to make sure you will be 100% satisfied with your deck restoration.

Sealant fills cracks and space in the wood to keep out annoying critters and water from the rain. The #1 enemy of your deck is moisture, and our sealant is the greatest protection against that.

PLEASE NOTE: We highly, highly recommend you never use a power washer on your deck. While power washing a deck with water will restore some of the color in the short term, the high pressure blasting the surface will damage the surface of your deck, open it up to further damage from rain, and will also push moisture deep into the wood grain causing it to rot. When you power wash a deck with water, you significantly shorten the life of the wood.

Let us help you maintain your deck properly. Our staining and sealing methods will not only restore the beauty of your deck immediately - it will lengthen the life of your deck significantly in the long run. The same is true for fences.

Tulsa Fence & Deck Company are Tulsa, OK's deck restoration and deck maintenance specialists. Contact us today for a free quote by calling 918-992-4484

You may also fill out the free quote form on this website and a friendly deck builder will be in touch with you soon.

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