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Beautiful Trex Decking Installed in Tulsa!

There are many benefits to Composite Decking over wooden decks, and Trex Composite Decks are premium products that will last a lifetime!

Unlike wood, composite decking does not attract pests, is not nearly as affected by weather or UV, and will not rot. Trex composite decking is virtually maintenance free, will hold it's color, and is as easy to clean as spraying a waterhose.

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At Tulsa Fence & Deck Company, we take pride in every Trex deck installation we service, and our customers know who they can turn to for any other decking or fencing project. Our friendly deck builders and fence contractors are Tulsa local, and we take pride in serving our community through high quality Trex decking installations and deck builds.

Trex Decking is a great product to have for your home or your office. We can build your deck to your specifications, whether you'd like a standard single level Trex composite deck, of if you'd like a multi-tiered, two or three storied trex composite deck.

Trex Deck Installed Sand Springs, Claremore, Collinsville OK

Trex composite decks are great for commercial application where there is going to be high volume foot traffic on your decking. Composite decks handle weight and the wear and tear of foot traffic much better than traditional decking materials. Our customers who have settled on having Trex decking installed are thrilled with their new deck.

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All of our pricing is up-front, and quotes are 100% no-hassle, no-haggle. We would love to server you - thank you for your business!

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trex composite deck builder tulsa ok

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