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Are you in need of having your fence stained in Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, or Bixby? Is your fence beginning to show wear and tear due to age or exposure to weather Count of the fencing experts at Tulsa Fence & Deck Company to breath new life into your fence.

Staining and sealing services from Tulsa Fence & Deck Company will bring color and life back to your wooden privacy fence. A restored wooden fence is beautiful, elegant, and adds value to any property.

Your wooden privacy fence is important to the value of your home or business. Take care of it with proper, professional maintenance services provided by Tulsa Fence & Deck Company.

Staining and sealing enhances the life of fence panels, fence posts, protects your fence from the weather, makes your fence resistant to pests and the harmful effects of water. Staining and sealing will also bring out the beautiful wood grain look that a weathered fence is missing. A couple of our popular fence restoration options are:


The bleaching process will remove the gray appearance from your fence and bring back the natural color of the wood. Once the bleaching process is complete, it's good to go ahead and allow our contractors to stain and seal your fence as well, otherwise it will return to the gray color you were hoping to get rid of.

Please refrain from following the advice of anyone who tells you it's a good idea to power wash your wood fence. While power washing may work well for vinyl fencing, it's actually harmful to wooden fencing. Even though a power washing may make your wooden fence appear better in the short term, water will damage the surface of your fence and increase rot in the long run. Bleaching by trained professionals is a much better option for the overall life of your fence.


Staining and sealing will weatherproof any wood structure at your home or business, and we are happy to provide the service even if we didn't install it.

Our staining and sealing process can help increase the life of your fence, deck, pergola, gazebo, or any other wood surface. We can spray or brush on our stain and seal, and we always take our time to make sure your wood surface is thoroughly coated to provide maximum protection and value. A variety of colors are available and customers will be presented with options to give your property the look you desire.


  • Protects against harmful U.V. rays
  • Protects the color of your wood
  • Protects against water and moisture
  • Extends the life of your wood structure
  • Protects against mold and mildew
  • Prevents wood from splitting or warping
  • Restores the look of weathered wood

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